Anglican Communion Fund Project Grants

The Anglican Communion Fund helps to build up the family of believers – the Church – so that it can more effectively be salt and light in its local community.

Our grants often support the church in the poorest and most threatened parts of the world, where many times the church is the only stable, functioning organisation, and are made in a wide variety of areas: economic empowerment, theological education, peace and reconciliation, women’s empowerment and more.

Church and Community Mobilisation in Kagera, Tanzania

The diocesan tree nursery in Murgwanza, Kagera, Tanzania.
The diocesan tree nursery in Murgwanza, Kagera.


Church and Community Mobilisation Programmes (or CCMP) are having significant impact in communities across the globe. They change communities by changing individuals from the inside out using the gospel. Bible study is at the centre of it promoting spiritual transformation and helping people to people become empowered to use their resources to change their families and their communities.

This programme in Kagera is teaching communities how to plant tree nurseries to address deforestation and over-consumption of natural resources, which has been exacerbated by population growth due to migration from neighbouring conflict. The programme also includes Demonstration farming to help people to improve their own farming methods and training in entrepreneurship and business management.


Theological Education

Graduates at theological college
Bujumbura Christian University's first graduation, Burundi, February 2019,


Our support for a new theological college in Burundi is helping them to deliver critical training for new leaders throughout the Burundian church. This photo is of their first graduating class last month. It is very valuable for this training to be delivered locally, in their own language and cultural context.

The ACF is also supporting theological education in Sudan, Upper Egypt and Namibia.


Women on the Frontline

Caroline Welby leads a retreat for clergy wives in Burundi

In areas where there is conflict, women play a vital, and often overlooked, role. Supporting these women is the focus of the Women on the Frontline programme. The programme involves retreats for bishops’ wives, led by Caroline Welby, where women can connect with God and engage in fellowship that is healing, building bonds with one another. This is followed by practical peace and reconciliation training.

Art and creativity are integral to the programme, as an extension of prayer and an alternate means of communicating. The photo on the left shows one of these artistic creations. The photo on the right shows Mama Canterbury ‘journeying’ together with women in the Solomon Islands. Each WFL programme is tailored to the needs of the women and their communities, from ethnic divisions to family conflict.

Retreats are planned this year in the Middle East, Pakistan and DRC.


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